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Zaakpay Checkout Page (Redirect) Integration

CheckSum Calculation

For both integrity & data-authenticity verification before sending data to the API, you need to
calculate a checksum of all the data that you send to MobiKwik Payment Gateway. We use an
HMACSHA-256 algorithm to calculate the checksum of ALL data that is posted to the API. We require
data to be posted to our server in the NVP (Name-Value Pairs) format.
To calculate the checksum please follow the process below:

  • Create a list of all parameters which you’re passing to the API. String used in checksum calculation
  • has a predefined sequence in which parameters are to be concatenated.
  • Create a concatenated string of all data values in your list, with ampersand ' & ' at the end of each item with the parameter name. e.g.merchantIdentifier=merchantIdentifiervalue&orderid=orderIdvalue&amount=amountvalue&buyerEmail=buyerEmailvalue&buyerAddress=buyerAddressvalue&...
    The empty parameters are not to be used in the checksum calculation string.
  • Calculate the checksum using the HMAC SHA-256 algorithm the concatenated string as data and your generated secret key.
  • The resulting checksum calculated should be posted to the MobiKwik Payment Gateway API along with other data.

You can check the checksum string generated against the provided request parameters here
The secret key , returnUrl and currency was configured for the sandbox environment.

Initiate Transaction API

  1. Click on Test "Transaction API" to make a test transaction. Please refer to the below Image.

  2. Insert Merchant Identifier and other fields on our Demo Page.

  3. Click on the "Pay Now" button to proceed with the transaction on Zaakpay.

  4. Use the Test Card details for our Staging Credentials and use live cards for our Live Environment.

  5. Zaakpay will post the response of the transaction to the provided return URL.

Sample Request

curl -X POST \
  'https://zaakstaging.zaakpay.com/api/paymentTransact/V8?amount=200&[email protected]&currency=INR&merchantIdentifier=b19e8f103bce406cbd3476431b6b7973&orderId=ZP22092017239991&checksum=146692461290ac67b39a27c66578663cce1f9abb450178c518f4e31acfa572ab3' \
  -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
  -H 'Postman-Token: c2376ff3-c001-4eeb-b828-ac3ebcc4d3b0'


Download our Redirection Document Directly from here


Transactions Failing?

Make sure you are using Live cards for Live Transactions.


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Zaakpay Checkout Page (Redirect) Integration

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