Zaakpay Features

Retry Transaction

This feature allows the users to retry the transactions in case the transaction fails from the bank side. Users will be redirected to Zaakpay Payment Page and a new transaction id will be generated for a particular initiated order id. This will help to improve the success rate of the transactions. Merchants can enable/disable this feature via Zaakpay Dashboard.

By Default, the retry feature is enabled for all the Merchants

Step to Enable/Disable Retry Feature on Dashboard:

  1. Log in to your Zaakpay account
  2. Go to Developers tab > Select "Customize your Integration" > Click on "URLs"
  3. Do you want to enable RETRY PAYMENT for all your Zaakpay payments?
  4. Click "Yes" to enable retry transactions.
  5. Click "No" to disable retry transactions.

Auto Refund

This feature will allow the Merchants to automatically refund the transactions which are getting successful in non-real time.

Please raise a ticket to our support team to enable this Merchant.