Payment Gateway Integration in PHP

Learn how to integrate Zaakpay Payment Gateway in PHP. Please follow our Getting started guide to integrate Payment gateway in your PHP website.


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Please follow our Getting started guide.

1. Installing The Kit

  1. We have 2 version of PHP kit. You can download either one of them.
  1. Copy Zaakpay_PHP_Integration_Kit folder in the root document of your server (for example /var/www/html) .

2. Initiating Payment

  1. Request parameters must be provided at your site that will further pass to the Payment.php ( Transaction API ) for further payment process.

You can also directly pass the parameters to Payment.php in order to skip the input form.

  1. To check the optional and mandatory parameters please refer to this Documentation.

You can also add/remove the optional parameters from Payment.php .

  1. All the request parameters including the checksum further redirect to the Zaakpay using the post request as mentioned in Payment.php also the checksum string and calculated checksum should be generated as below.


Transaction Failing ?

Make sure you are using Live cards for Live Transactions.

  1. Once the transaction got completed you will get the response to the Response.php

    ( You can also use your own Response file to handle Zaakpay's Callback )



Unable to get Response ?

Please check the Return URL ( Response file path ) is correct and reachable.

3. Featured API's

  1. Check API

    This is used to check the status of the transaction.

1146 562

Such that passing the above parameters to TransactionStatus.php you can check the status of the transaction.


Also checksum would be calculated in the similar way as mentioned above.

  1. Refund API

    This is used to refund the transaction.

    You can either initaite full refund or partial refund against a particular transaction.


Also the checksum string generated here would be a concatenated string all the parameters seperated by single courses as mentioned below .



Want to skip all the input forms and remove checksum calculating page ?

You can skip all the input form by passing the required parameters to the respective Api files.
Also the checksum page get automatically disabled for the live transactions and displayed only for the testing transactions.